Partnering with the Sustainability Institute

Durable solutions to sustainability challenges require community engagement and lasting partnerships with our stakeholders. Ohio State has a long history of engaging urban and rural communities in ways that are highly responsive to their needs and interests. OSU Extension reaches all 88 counties, while our faculty have relationships throughout the Midwest, nation and the world. We strive to develop solutions that promote social equity and ensure that enjoyment of the benefits from sustainability is widespread.

Partnership and Collaboration

At Ohio State, we are poised to partner with you to make lasting contributions to solving many of the world’s most complex and pervasive challenges.

A more sustainable and resilient future will require highly integrated and collaborative approaches to managing large and complex systems such as those that produce our food, supply our energy, and run our cities.

Our interdisciplinary research capacity, culture of problem solving, and strategic partnerships with private industry, public agencies, advocates and non-governmental organizations offer countless opportunities to create transformational change in Ohio and around the world.

The Sustainability Institute is working to realize the full potential that Ohio State can contribute to our partners. We serve as the "front door" of the university for collaboration on sustainability research, teaching, community outreach and applied solutions. 

The time for action is now.  We invite you to partner with us to build a more sustainable and resilient future for all.


Josh Knights
Director of Partnerships
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Healthy Land and Water

Sustainability improves the well-being of society while protecting--even enhancing--Earth's life support systems. Advancing safeguards that prevent the degredation of our finite land and water resources is a critical need for Ohio, our nation and the world.

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Sustainable Energy


A more sustainable and resilient future will require highly integrated and collaborative approaches to managing large and complex systems, such as those that power our vehicles and supply our energy.

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Smart and Resilient Communities

Sustainability depends on the resilience of natural and human systems and the ability of communities to recover, adapt and flourish in the face of changing environmental, economic and social conditions.

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Ohio State Research Partners

Ohio State is located in a regional with a highly diverse economy that places many sustainability challenges at our doorstep: the intersection of agriculture and water quality; the transition of energy production from coal to natural gas and renewables; the interface between rural and urban areas; and the impact of urban development on social equity. Our researchers have a clear vantage point into pressing issues while cultivating meaningful relationships with stakeholders.

Collaborators at Ohio State

The Sustainability Institute builds upon the vast intellectual capital found throughout the many centers of excellence at Ohio State, including: