Enterprise and Supply Chain Resilience

Helping companies, both small and large, to adapt and flourish in the face of turbulent change and uncertainty in the business environment.

Adaptive Management

The weakest link can disrupt an entire supply chain, and can cause a sharp decline in shareholder value from which some companies never fully recover. Ohio State has developed the SCRAM™ framework and tools to help companies identify supply chain vulnerabilities and create adaptive organizations that can prosper in the face of turbulent change. This approach helps companies to go beyond traditional risk management and consider how investing in key capabilities will create inherent resilience to hitherto unknown threats. Examples of resilient business practices include redundancy in manufacturing locations and supply channels, geographic dispersion of critical assets, and use of information technology for supply chain visibility.

Dow Chemical Supply Chains

The SCRAM™ framework has been adopted by Dow Chemical as a tool for their global businesses, demonstrating that supply chain performance can be improved when a business is able to balance its portfolio of capabilities against its pattern of vulnerabilities.

Risk Management Consortium

SRE is teaming with the Risk Institute in Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business to combine traditional risk management methods with innovative approaches to enterprise resilience and business continuity, thus helping to mitigate both financial and operational risks.

Resilience in the Automotive Industry

SRE is collaborating with a global auto manufacturer to investigate how it can improve enterprise resilience in several dimensions, including organizational creativity and innovation, operational agility, and anticipation of disruptive changes in mobility systems.


SRE faculty from a number of Ohio State centers, including the Center for Resilience, the Center for Design & Manufacturing Excellence, the Center for Operational Excellence, the Global Supply Chain Forum, and the Risk Institute have worked on enterprise resilience with a variety of companies, including American Electric Power, Dow Chemical, Ford, L Brands, Royal Dutch Shell, and Swiss Re.