April 13, 2017

Risk Communication, Assessment and Responses to Extreme Weather

Guest Speaker

4:00pm - 5:30pm

164 Howlett Hall
2001 Fyffe Ct.
43210 Columbus , OH
United States
Ohio US

The School of Environmental and Natural Resources Seminar Series presents, Julie Demuth, project scientist for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Laboraty in Boulder, Colorado.

Despite tremendous advances in weather forecasting, people still experience significant harm to life, property, and well-being from extreme weather. This is due in part to challenges that members of the public face in obtaining, interpreting, and responding to risk information. In this presentation, I will discuss efforts to examine risk communication, assessment, and responses to extreme weather through different research methods, with different populations, and for different weather hazards. I will discuss how, using survey data (including with embedded experimental designs), we can better understand the influence of different risk messages and of people’s different experiences on their risk perceptions, efficacy, attitudes, and protective behavioral intentions. Building on this research, I will then discuss the dynamic ways that people evaluate and respond to weather threats as they evolve in time and space. Finally, I will introduce a research effort that investigates how National Weather Service forecasters assess and communicate hazardous weather risks.