Sustainable and Resilient Economy Seed Grants

April 11, 2017

The Ohio State University has an important role as a public, land-grant, research university to search for solutions to societal challenges. Among the greatest challenges that we face is the increasing pressure on planetary resources and ecosystem capacity. Our mission is to advance research, teaching and engagement that will accelerate the development of more sustainable and resilient production and consumption systems by enhancing the value and reducing the adverse impacts of material and energy flows through the economy and society. We seek to advance the science of sustainability by developing more holistic approaches to sustainability and resilience assessment and applying these methods to foster innovations in sustainable technologies, policies and governance.  

The Sustainable and Resilient Economy (SRE) Seed Grants program supports this vision by creating Linkage (forging transdisciplinary connections among OSU faculty, staff, students and external partners) and Leverage (bringing new talents, expertise, and resources to our initiatives as a result of our collaborative work) to advance sustainability science. We are particularly interested in scholarship that advances integrated systems modeling and the development and evaluation of new technologies and policies. Areas of focus include dynamics of coupled natural-human systems; societal costs and benefits throughout the life cycle of products and services; innovations in bio-based materials; the role of human behavioral and social factors; interdependencies among food, energy, water, and material supply chains and infrastructures; and the broad cultural, historical, and philosophical foundations that guide our understanding of what it means to be a more sustainable and resilient society.  Emphasis will be placed on funding proposals that are likely to expand the financial or intellectual resources available to Ohio State and to produce tangible outputs.

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