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We’re advancing the science of sustainable production and consumption by developing a comprehensive, integrated approach to sustainability and resilience assessment.


The need for a systems approach has led to the formation of a new meta-discipline called Sustainability Science, which integrates knowledge from the natural sciences, economics and social sciences, engineering, policy, and many other fields. Sustainability science embraces a systems approach, and utilizes analytics and modeling tools to represent the complexity and interdependencies among human and natural systems, from local to global scales. For example, urban vulnerabilities are heightened by the interdependencies among energy, water, and food infrastructures (known as the food-energy-water nexus), as well as the rise of insidious forces such as terrorism and cybercrime.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach to Sustainability and Resilience Assessment

Communities derive value from both economic processes and ecosystem services, and industrial systems rely on planetary resources to create value for society. Innovations in technologies, policies, and practices will help to protect natural capital, adapt to unexpected disruptions, and improve human well-being.