Education and Learning

Investing in the future of sustainability by educating tomorrow's leaders and change agents

Education and Learning

Ohio State invests in a resilient future by educating tomorrow's leaders and change agents with curricular, real-world and extracurricular opportunities. This commitment to sustainability begins in the classroom, where we offer 74 undergraduate majors and a variety of master's and doctoral-level graduate programs that identify one or more sustainability-related learning outcomes, 450 sustainability courses, and more than 650 additional courses that feature sustainability topics. 

Outside of the classroom, students can choose to engage in project-based and experiential learning, as well as internships, co-ops and leadership experiences.

University-wide Sustainability Education

The Ohio State University emphasizes sustainable education by making students more aware of how sustainability and resilience issues affect their day-to-day lives and how they can influence change. Ohio State‚Äôs more than 90 areas of study in sustainability issues support our commitment to develop a workforce capable of implementing new solutions to our global challenges. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum

Undergraduate students can pursue their interests in diverse fields such as engineering, public policy, environment and natural resources, geography, sustainable agriculture, and sustainability major and minor programs. In addition, there are a number of Learning Communities and Scholars programs that examine sustainability issues. SUSTAINS Learning Community is available for students who want to delve deeper into the delicate balance between economic, environmental and social sustainability. Environment and Natural Resource Scholars, Humanitarian Engineering Scholars and Green Engineering Scholars all examine other aspects of human connection to the natural world, international development, and innovation. The Kellogg-Moser Learning Community focuses on sustainable food systems and agricultural practices.



Co-curricular Opportunities

University sustainability efforts are strengthened through student organization activities; student research and project initiatives; and industry connections with students. Ohio State students have shown exceptional interest and dedication to  environmental challenges through their successful participation in national and international projects including the U.S. Department of Energy EcoCAR competition, the US DOE Solar Decathlon Competition and the US DOE National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.