Ohio State to Sign Sports for Climate Action Framework

July 20, 2020

The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), the United Nations and four Power Five athletics programs are leading the charge on climate change in collegiate athletics. Gene Smith – Senior Vice President & Wolfe Foundation Endowed Athletics Director for The Ohio State University – joins Rick George (Athletic Director, University of Colorado), John Currie (Athletic Director, Wake Forest) and Blake James (Athletic Director, University of Miami), in signing the United Nations’ Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Sports for Climate Action Framework.

Globally over 120 athletics programs such as the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, the NY Yankees, the NY Mets, the Golden State Warriors and the NBA have committed to the UN’s Sports for Climate Action Framework. In the U.S., the University of Colorado Boulder was the first collegiate sports program to sign on. Now, The Ohio State University, Wake Forest University and the University of Miami are committing too.

Gene Smith has championed the Ohio State Sustainability Goals, established in 2015 by the President and Provost’s Council on Sustainability, of which Smith is a member.

Sustainability Highlights Include:

  • 2013 Football Game Day Recycling Challenge National Diversion Champions
  • 2019 RecycleMania Basketball Game Day National Diversion Champions
  • 2020 RecycleMania Basketball Game Day National Diversion Champions
  • 2020 NACDA Sustainability Award winners
  • 2020 Launched LEAFS (Leadership of Environmental Athletes for Sustainability)
  • 5 USGBC LEED certified athletic facilities/projects

By signing the Sports for Climate Action Framework, the Ohio State Department of Athletics has committed to the following:

  • Undertake systematic efforts to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • Reduce overall climate impact
  • Educate for climate action
  • Promote sustainable and responsible consumption
  • Advocate for climate action through communication

More information about Ohio State's plan to sign the Sports for Climate Action Framework

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