Smart and Resilient Communities

Improving the well-being and resilience of communities through digital technologies and adaptation strategies for changing environmental, economic and social conditions

Smart and Resilient Communities

We help communities assess the trade-offs of distributed digital technologies to improve efficiencies and decisions, while ensuring those improvements are sustainable and socially just. We work with Columbus, Ohio, and places around the world to improve community resilience through better urban planning, data analytics, predictive modeling and participatory processes.

Smart Urban Systems

Our researchers are designing new operating models for public transportation, shared mobility systems and freight systems that make use of connected vehicle and automation technologies. 

Urban Planning

By engaging with diverse communities vulnerable to natural hazards in the United States, Mexico, Haiti and Indonesia, Ohio State researchers work to improve the design and implementation of housing and post-disaster projects.

Climate Change Assessment

Using data analytics and integrated models, we assess the impact of hurricanes, winter storms and other weather events on power infrastructure under conditions of a changing climate.

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